After purchasing clothing and footwear, it's essential to follow simple care instructions to ensure they keep their original look for a long time.

Essential Guidelines for Shoe Care:

  • Avoid Machine Washing: To maintain their original appearance, refrain from washing your shoes in the washing machine.
  • Shield Leather from Moisture: Protect leather components from moisture and dampness.
  • Gentle Leather Cleaning: Use a dry, soft cloth to clean leather shoes.
  • Recommended Shoe Care Products: It's advisable to utilize shoe care products. Begin by cleaning the leather with a sponge or a soft brush, followed by applying a moisturizer to keep the leather supple.
  • Storage in Optimal Conditions: Store your shoes away from direct light and excessive heat.

*Please be aware that the company cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from the violation of these fundamental rules.

Clothing Care Guidelines:

Every garment comes with a label featuring specific symbols. By observing these symbols, we can wash, clean, iron, and dry our clothes appropriately to prevent damage.

Check for the symbol on your item and adhere to the corresponding washing and care instructions.

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